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The Importance Of The Title Search In Florida

The Importance Of The Title Search In FloridaIn this article, you can discover:

● How long it takes to get a title search.
● The difference between a title search and a title commitment.
● The importance of receiving a title commitment before the proposed closing date of the property.

How Long Does A Title Search Take In Florida?

In Florida, the timeline of a title search depends on the volume of the transaction. In general, it normally takes anywhere between 7 and 14 business days to receive a title commitment once it’s ordered.

What Is The Meaning Of Title Commitments?

A title commitment is a detailed list of the deficiencies, defects, or liens that have affected the property, (both in the past and present), that will need to be addressed and fixed to make sure that a transaction is properly binding.

How Long Is The Title Commitment Good For In Florida?

A title commitment is good for six months, or 180 days.

What Is The Difference Between A Title Commitment And A Title Report?

A title report is more for investigation. It is a casual double-checking, and it wouldn’t allow the buyer to purchase title insurance.
A title commitment is formal. The buyer needs this formal title commitment when purchasing title insurance because the title commitment shows everything that needs to be addressed for the transaction to be binding.

How Many Days Does The Title Company Have To Provide The Title Commitment To The Buyer?

The number of days the title company has to provide the title commitment to the buyer is not a formal rule. The buyer wants to get it as soon as possible because the contract states a proposed closing date and, in most cases, a mortgage rate that is locked in for a certain amount of time.

The goal of the title attorney is to do all that is possible to receive the title commitment before the date when the contract expires as well as when the mortgage rate expires. Thus, the quicker the title commitment is ordered the better.

A skilled real estate attorney will anticipate that there may be things listed on the title commitment that needs to be fixed before the property can be sold to the buyer, which takes time to resolve. If the title commitment is received and nothing needs to be fixed, all the better.

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